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About P&L

Parts & Labour is a multidisciplinary studio that works in specialised art project management.

We provides a detailed service on projects from the master planning to the commissioning process, right through to design, production and installation. This includes stakeholder management and project documentation throughout the project.

We assist professionals, such as artists, architects and designers, develop and realise their concepts.

Our management scope includes

  • Sculptures
  • Art installations
  • Specialised design projects
  • Architectural structures and sculptural features
  • Exhibitions
  • Events

Projects such as these are usually out of the ordinary with unique objectives and structures. We are able to advise on various design and construction methods, as well as put together experienced teams specific to the needs of a given project.

Our core team consists of Brendan Copestake and Liesl Potgieter and we draw on a range of trusted professionals in order to ensure the project realisation is managed according to the artist’s/client’ needs.

Parts & Labour was established by Brendan Copestake.


Clients and Artists

Awards and Nominations

2010 BASA Nomination     ARTRIGHT

2012 BASA Nomination      The Capture Site

2014 BASA Nomination      FNB Bank City

2017 BASA Nomination      Drawings in the Sky



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