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FNB Bank City Canopy | GreenINC | 2012 FNB Bank City Canopy | GreenINC | 2012

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On 19, Jul 2013 | In | By admin

FNB Bank City Canopy | GreenINC | 2012

Parts & Labour worked with Greeninc to install a canopy of colored discs over Simmonds St at FNB Bank City. The installation was part of FNB’s upgrade of their Piazza for various city festivals in 2013 and 2014.

There were over 4500 discs installed. Setbuild fabricated the discs which were installed by Southern Lighting over a period of one week.

Parts & Labour managed the design, fabrication and installation of the project.


IMG_1979 LR

3D rendering of the installation

Canopy graphic (S) LR

 Plan of installation over Simmonds St and Kerk St.

photo (2)

CNC cutting the colored discs

photo (1)

The colored discs stacked

sdf (4)

Installing the canopy over Simmonds St

1221 (1)

 Close up of the discs

1221 (3)

 Close up of the canopy

443 (2)

 The canopy seen from the 7th Floor of FNB First Place


The canopy from street level

443 (1) LR