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Letseng Diamond Discovery Centre | Trace | 2016 Letseng Diamond Discovery Centre | Trace | 2016

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On 19, Aug 2016 | In | By admin

Letseng Diamond Discovery Centre | Trace | 2016

Diamonds, made of the dust of the earth and of the stars, are magical gemstones.

They have a long been treasured as beautiful objects of desire. They were used as religious icons in India at least 2,500 years ago—and were used in drill bits and engraving tools since early human history.

Parts & Labour worked on the Letseng Diamond Discovery Centre in Maseru, Lesotho to manage and implement the project curated and designed by Trace.

The exhibition tells a story of the journey of a diamond from its formation in the earth to fashion houses, as well as the responsible manner in which the land is used and rehabilitated after mining operations.

The exhibition opened in April 2016. For more information and visitor access, contact Lerato Mabathoana at Letseng Diamonds (


Project Team

Project Lead, Clive van den Berg, Trace

Project Manager, Brendan Copestake, Parts & Labour

Exhibition Designer, Clive van den Berg, Trace

Content Curation and Development, Lauren Segal, Trace

Exhibition Architect,  Eugene Marais, StudioZA

Graphic Design,  Hans Foster, Trace

Exhibition Production and Installation,  Brendan Copestake, Parts & Labour

Cinematography, Arya Lalloo


Exhibition Images

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